About ZMNY

This Online Store

Zorrilla Monsoon New York (ZMNY) is an online store made by Artist/Designer, Edgar Andrés Zorrilla intended to express and share my art and ideas with the world as well as meet goals at raising funds for humanity-first as well as creative programs and events meant to fight for and educate people that want to make a difference in social justice and creative experiences of our global, national and local communities.

From Artist Edgar Andrés Zorrilla...

As a human, first

I always dreamed of creating clothing, wall art, or any kind of merchandise with beautiful things that people would like to experience. For some reason I spent so many years trying to do it for others, with all good intentions. Then I realized I need to do this for myself to let my creativity really explore and explode the way I want it to. In doing so I am working on a list of authentic foundations I want to donate to that cater to social justice. I want to have sustainable living creating but I don't want to be selfish either. I want to touch the world with art and creativity that creates change, directly and indirectly.

As a creator

I hope to inspire and enthuse others love for all art forms to act and create to address their most abstract self expressive ideas and to contribute to the public discourse on social political issues.